Sustainability Strategists for the Mid-Market

About Us

ESG Core Advisors consists of a team of individuals with key business planning skills, including strategic business management and leadership, process improvement and driving entrepreneurial excellence, sustainability and energy management, and communications. As appropriate, we also bring to bear the skills of selected Support Partners in multiple key areas.

Scott Rosenzweig


As an accomplished commercial executive leader for over 30 years, Scott has spent his career in publicly traded, private equity backed, and privately-owned companies, helping them grow while developing the people within them. Scott’s engaging, hands-on style has helped business owners and their teams expeditiously rebuild their sales infrastructures so they can more fully capitalize on the opportunities within their markets. Throughout his career, Scott has worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized dealers, distributors, value added resellers, and manufacturers, helping each to grow by developing profitable growth strategies, but also experiencing how ESG standards and practices – or a lack thereof – can impact a company’s growth and status among its stakeholders.

Scott’s personalized approach fits the particular needs of his clients and are carefully coordinated with the tools and resources of renowned resource partners. These partners have impeccable reputations for helping companies overcome common challenges and unlock growth.. There is nothing that gives Scott greater satisfaction than to help a business owner scale new heights of market success.

Scott’s involvement in the ESG community has been extensive, having served as a Board Member of Walter E. Heller College of Business at Roosevelt University, as well as a member of Roosevelt’s Student Mentoring Program; he is a member of the Outdoor Industry Association, the Sustainable Brands Environment group, and SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) Environment group; and he is a Volunteer Fundraiser for the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Humane Society of the U.S., Guide Dogs for the Blind, Sierra Club and World Wildlife Fund. He is also a Vistage Trusted Advisor, helping leaders succeed, and a member of EOS Worldwide, promoting the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

ESG Core Advisors is a Colorado-based business where the environment encourages an active lifestyle, including hiking, kayaking, cycling, yoga, swimming, and much more. Scott enjoys volunteering his time, talent, and donations to worthy causes, and he mentors young professionals as a way to assist the growth of others, just as he has been helped by many others over the years.

Skills and Experience

  • Sales Leadership
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process
  • Forecasting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Communications & Branding
  • CRM Strategy
  • Six Sigma
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Experience

Douglas B. Johnson, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President
Research and Value Creation

Doug has a long history in assessing organizations in both the private and public sectors for their energy and environmental management systems performance. He has four decades of experience with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and SEP 50001.

Doug’s assessment experience ranges from regulatory compliance audits to qualified technical assessments of emerging technologies. He is keen to undertake forward-looking assessments of ISO management systems’ capacity to fulfill strategic intent in industries as diverse as  NASA/Aerospace/Defense; IT/semiconductor; agriculture; automotive; pharmaceutical; mining; and others.

Doug has advised multiple entrepreneurial R&D startups in strategic planning and  preparation for SBIR capital/investment funding rounds. As an entrepreneur, he owns and operates three businesses and offers pro bono support to emerging non-profits. He has taught strategic management and management of technology and innovation at California State University East Bay.

Doug’s variety of positions in multiple industries gives him a uniquely broad experience to evaluate an organization’s sustainability practices with an eye toward increased profitability and elevated business performance.

Doug earned a B.S. from  the University of Minnesota College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, an M.A. from the University of San Francisco School of Education, and a Ph.D. in Land Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. A lifelong learner, he is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson to support construction of high-performance dwellings.

Skills and Experience

  • Strategic Leadership for Change
    • Scenario Planning
    • Professional Development and Business Succession Strategies
  • Executive Driven – Executive Led
    • Executive Intelligence Gathering Internal Assessments
    • Full-Value ISO Standards Implementation
    • Integrated Management Systems for Greater Efficiency at Lower Costs
      • ISO 50001; ISO 14001; ISO 9001; ISO 45001
  • Climate Strategies for Growth and Return
    • Risk Assessment of Organizations and Supply Chains
    • Resiliency Planning
    • Real Emergency Preparedness
  • Energy Management & Performance Verification
    • Optimizing Operations to
    • Minimize Consumption and Use of Grid Electricity and Natural Gas

David Gale

Vice President, Operations and Business Development

In his many years of entrepreneurial activity, David has been involved in some 30 business startups, ranging from social media, to business services, to construction. This wealth of experience has given him a rich background in business development, operations, management consulting, technology, Software As a Service (SAAS), supply chain, and project management.

Currently David operates Mud City Jacks, a general contracting firm specializing in transformative residential and commercial rehabilitations throughout the Chicago area. David is an advocate for sustainable construction practices and community engagement. His leadership extends beyond the construction site, as he actively contributes to initiatives that make a positive impact on local neighborhoods and the environment.

David is a man of varied interests and passions. He finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors, whether it’s embarking on exhilarating hikes or carving through pristine slopes while downhill skiing.  Cooking, music, and reading serve as sources of inspiration and introspection. He believes in the power of continuous learning and exploration.

David’s approach to life is underpinned by a philosophy of being present in the moment, remaining open to new experiences, and committing to a purposeful existence. He understands that these values are essential not only in personal growth, but also in fostering meaningful connections and driving forward his business endeavors.

He holds a B.A. in Russian Language from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Skills and Experience

  • Operations Management
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain/Demand Chain Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Sales
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation
    • SaaS (Software as a Service)
    • Social Media for Small & Mid-sized businesses
    • Pet Supplies
    • Wi-fi  Advertising Networks
    • Solar/Wind-powered Outdoor Lighting

    Jeff Kressmann

    Vice President, Marketing and Communications

    Jeff has spent his entire career in the communications business. His experience includes editorial and public relations for the American Osteopathic Association; Account Executive at Stral Advertising Company/Marketing Communications Associates, where he developed message strategy, designed advertising and PR campaigns and managed communications budgets for a broad range of business-to-business clients; and Communications Manager for United Stationers, a Fortune 500 corporation, where he not only performed a range of marketing and communications roles, but also managed the company’s internal and external meetings and events. More recently, Jeff founded and continues to run his own communications business, serving various B2B clients.


    Jeff’s experience includes editorial work, agency account management, public relations, corporate customer communications, sales training and sales support, market research, video production, sales meeting production, and more. Jeff’s expert focus on message strategy and branding helps his clients develop unique and creative approaches to cutting through the clutter of today’s crowded and noisy marketplace, creating messages that consistently resonate in both customers’ and employees’ minds.


    Jeff has a B.S. in Journalism from Northern Illinois University, and a Master of Science in Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University. He has supplemented those studies with continuing education in communications and environmental issues.


    A passionate environmentalist, Jeff and his wife co-founded a local environmental action group for his community. He also belongs to Sierra Club and Citizens Climate Lobby. Jeff believes that “the environment” and “business” are part of the same ecosystem and can thrive together.


    Jeff lives in the Chicago area and is a passionate cyclist and cross-country skier. He is also a published writer of haiku, many of them in celebration of the natural world.

    Skills and Experience

    • Message Strategy & Branding
    • Communications Campaigns
    • Marketing Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Video Production
    • Environmental Education