Sustainability Strategists for the Mid-Market

Alliance Partners

ESG Core Advisors fosters relationships with these key Alliance Partners to bring you specialized expertise and related services to your ESG planning process.


Aclymate helps transform your company into a “climate leader” with four straightforward steps: 1. Intuitive Carbon Footprint Calculator that helps you determine your carbon emissions; 2. Powerful carbon footprint analytics that show you how to reduce emissions; 3. Easily offset your emissions by linking you to the carbon offset market; and 4. Communicate the results to your stakeholders

Impact Genome Project

This pioneering company has established an effective methodology for measuring the impact of social programs before investments are made, benchmarking it against what other organizations throughout the world have done. This can be a valuable tool in guiding your company’s social impact investment.

Mission Measurement

Mission Measurement seeks to help solve some of the world’s most intractable social programs by first measuring the impact of social spending by governments, companies, and philanthropies (see Impact Genome Project), then creating partnerships among progressive organizations.

Op2Mize Honest Energy Advocacy

Born out of energy and real estate expertise, Op2mize™ Energy takes a consultative approach to electricity and natural gas procurement. Acting as their clients’ advocate through the entire energy procurement process, they take a proactive, personalized approach – providing all of the tools and strategic insight to ensure that clients obtain the optimal energy solution for their specific business needs.

Shift Power Partners

This firm helps other companies dramatically reduce their energy usage by the application of a patented energy technology system.