Sustainability Strategists for the Mid-Market

What Is ESG

These three factors, “Environmental,” “Social,” and “Governance,” have come to be linked together to ensure that business performance – as measured by various stakeholders – is more than just product and service quality and financial results, it’s also about how sustainable and purpose-driven your company is.
Increasingly, through a formal approach to ESG planning, companies are demonstrating that purpose CAN equal profit. . . that a purpose-driven company can be just as profitable, or even more so, than companies whose only stated purpose is producing profits. Increasingly, this changing reality is being verified by financial studies.
Today, the most purpose-driven companies recognize and respond to each of these principles under the sustainability umbrella:


Our world is shrinking in terms of how every human, every community, every organization – local, regional, national, or global – utilizes environmental resources and is impacted by others’ use of those resources. Climate change has become the most pressing world-wide environmental issue, but there are many others – resource extraction and depletion, recycling and waste management, land and water management, air quality, toxic waste resolution and prevention, and others. Not only governments -- but companies -- are part of the solution to these issues, and your company stakeholders want to know where you stand in terms of your “sustainability vision.”


In an increasingly interdependent world, companies must carefully manage how they interact with their customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and communities where they operate. Are your interactions considered fair and equitable? Moreover, how do you relate to broader social issues, such as gender equality, social justice, and more? Increasingly, every company today is judged on its social awareness and responsiveness.


Not just what your company stands for, but how it is run – its standards, ethics, controls, responsiveness, etc. – have become a critical part of overall success in today’s business world. Issues such as leadership policies, executive pay, audits, internal controls, shareholder rights, and others are now part of how your company is judged by your stakeholders.

ESG Core Advisor’s staff of experts will skillfully guide you through Sustainability Strategy & ESG planning to power-up your company’s full purpose driven potential.